Sophrology and Breast Cancer

I read a very interesting article in this month’s « Sophrologie Magazine » about the benefits of Sophrology for patients suffering from breast cancer (by Patrick-André Chéné).

Once the diagnosis is made, everything changes: the patients feel overwhelmed by lots of different emotions and Sophrology can bring, from the very first session, a decrease of mental and physical tensions. The patients feel less stressed and are given the opportunity to feel the positive sensations in their body. They’re not just a « sick body », they can still experience sensations of well-being, and focusing on these specific sensations will have a great impact on their ability to manage their emotions. Body and mind are both at work here, and this is why Sophrology is efficient!

During the treatments, the patients are accompanied and supported by targeted techniques to help them prepare for chemo, radiotherapy or even surgery. After the treatments, Sophrology can help them integrate the recent changes in their body, and find harmony and balance again.

I do think Sophrology should be systematically offered to any patient suffering from cancer, as a way to live through their body positively and reinforce their inner resources! And their families could benefit from it a lot too!

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