The Impact of Covid-19 and Sophrology

Since the end of the lockdown, we’ve all experienced the impact of the coronavirus on our daily life. Everywhere we go, we have to be careful for ourselves and for others; we have to keep the 1.5m social distancing in public places, wear face masks on public transports, wash our hands when arriving for a routine medical appointment, and everywhere the same question is asked: Have you been sick lately? Do you have a fever or a cough?

Of course, these are precautions we all have to take, what we call the « new norm », and we’ll have to live with it! But they can be a huge source of stress and anxiety, causing physical or emotional disorders. The fear of catching the coronavirus when taking the train, the tram or the bus to work, when going to the stores and being amongst others can lead to a lot of anxiety that will have a negative effect on our body and our mind. So, what can Sophrology do to help us deal with this new reality?

Stress is a normal process, and is the signal of an alert sent by the body when adapting to its environment. We either manage to deal with it, and we are fine, or it lasts too long and it becomes harmful. Sophrology offers a set of tools or techniques to help deal with the stress created by the current situation. Throughout breathing exercises, physical and mental relaxation, and positive visualization, Sophrology allows us to let go of our tensions and take some distance from this new reality, without ignoring or rejecting it, but simply by learning how to cope with it. By reinforcing our inner resources and capacities, we are then more able to handle it, in a peaceful way, so that the prevailing anxiety that qualifies our modern world influences us and our children a bit less. By the way, I think it’s important to keep talking to them and be attentive to their difficulties going through this time, knowing that Sophrology can help them too!

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