About me

My personal history:

I became interested in sophrology when my father died of lung cancer. His death was a real trauma for me; I was not prepared, no one can ever be, facing the disappearance of a loved one.

I found in sophrology a way to soothe and manage my emotions, and with the help of a professional, I was able to start working on myself. I managed to grieve and to accept his loss. I was in the middle of reconstructing myself, and I realized that I needed personal well-being. Sophrology helped me regain my inner balance after this period of great upheaval.

Sophrology also helped me with my project of becoming a mum and continues to be of great use in my role as a parent. Practising has become a real lifestyle for me. Whether it is small breathing exercises, physical or mental relaxation, it allows me to remain firmly anchored in the present and be better equipped to cope with the difficulties of life.

My professional history:

Sophrologist graduated from the ISP (Institute of Sophrology in Paris), title registered with the RNCP (National Register of Professional Certifications in France):

Certified after the two-year basic training.

Specialized in the perinatal period, stress management and burnout, depression, sleeping disorders.

Member of the French Society of Sophrology.

My other qualifications:

Master in English (Language, Literature and Foreign Civilization), University of Montpellier.

PGDE (Professional Graduate Diploma in Education) – Secondary Teaching (French), Glasgow University.

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