Stress Management and Burnout

Stress is the response of the body when it needs to adapt to its environment (Hans Selye). It is absolutely necessary and concerns all ages, even childhood. It allows us to face the demands that we encounter. Positive stress is essential, and it is the excess of stress that can be harmful for the body when it lasts too long.

Bad stress is often linked to life changes or unexpected events (mourning, divorce, break-up, expatriation, illness, unemployment, pregnancy, accidents, traumas etc…) and shows itself in many various ways from one person to another. Stress will have an impact on different levels:

Physical: migraines, back pain, muscular tensions, palpitations, hyperventilation, fatigue, dizziness, sleeping disorders, insomnia, nausea, vomiting…

Emotional: agitation, anxiety, panic attacks, irritability and anger, depression and sadness…

Cognitive: memory and concentration problems, general pessimism, anxious thoughts, difficulties in making decisions…

Behavioural: changes in eating habits, abuse of alcohol, tobacco and drugs, solitude, inability to relax…

Stress management deals with burnout too. Burnout consists in a state of mental, emotional and physical exhaustion that results from a prolonged investment in emotionally demanding work situations (Schaufeli and Greenglass). It is characterized by: extreme fatigue (feeling totally drained), a certain cynicism about the work itself, one’s clients and colleagues, and a feeling of incompetence and personal non-fulfilment.

Whether you are experiencing burnout or a state of prolonged or even chronic stress, I propose to accompany you towards an inner well-being, by first of all helping you to identify the cause(s) of your stress so that in the end, you can learn how to manage it in a better way. Sophrology, thanks to its customized techniques, will allow you to:

learn how to let go of your tensions

be in touch with yourself and your body

learn how to handle your emotions and decrease their intensity

mobilize and reinforce your inner resources

regain self-confidence and self-esteem

During the sessions, I will teach you some techniques that are easy to integrate and repeat at home. They will help you gain a certain autonomy in the personal management of your stress.