Being depressed generally involves a pessimistic experience of life. Depression varies in intensity from sadness to real moral pain. It is characterized by:

a loss of interest or pleasure

a certain agitation, irritability or aggressiveness

extreme tiredness

sleeping disorders (insomnia or hypersomnia – need to sleep excessively)

eating disorders (bulimia or anorexia)

memory and concentration problems

sexuality problems

a feeling of worthlessness and excessive guilt

recurrent thoughts about death or suicide

I have several objectives when supporting people suffering from depression. First of all, helping them to get in touch with their body and most basic sensations by focusing on the present moment is crucial. The rebirth of the pleasure of being and living is essential. Secondly, I choose the techniques in order to allow them to regain self-esteem and love for themselves so that later on they feel able to plan the future in a positive way.

NB: I usually advise starting with one session per week. The sessions cannot in any way replace the medical treatment prescribed by the GP or psychotherapist.