I really liked the flexible and customised format, as well as the attention that Delphine pays to everyone’s history in order to work on their specific needs; in my case pain management and what I could expect from using the epidural.

What I found the most beneficial during labour and I will certainly keep using afterwards was combining visualisation with breathing techniques: managing to concentrate and refocus on the different ways to breathe depending on your needs.

Our sessions also helped me relax completely and share about the experience of giving birth at the end of my pregnancy! Delphine is a very likeable person and talking to her was always very easy. I particularly recommend private sessions to make the most of this adaptable and customised follow-up. Thanks again!


“Sophrology has helped me to positively deal with my anxiety/panic attacks to become a happier, healthier and more peaceful person. It helped me become aware of my emotions so that I could recognize the impact that stressful events had in my body. It provided me with a variety of breathing exercises and body movements to cope with stress and let go of the negative mindset. It also helped me learn how to set boundaries for myself. 

Today, I feel like I am better prepared to cope with stressful events and I no longer feel that I am being controlled by my negative emotions or thoughts, I can live the full life I have always pictured for myself.

I am very happy and thankful for having engaged in this healing process and I highly recommend Sophrology to others suffering from trauma, pain, anxiety or any other problems.”


“Sophrology sessions with Delphine are truly empowering! I came to her practice with severe anxiety issues and she helped me to reconnect with my physical emotions, allowing me ultimately to strengthen my self-confidence.

Sophrology is a very powerful tool to overcome your fears and stay confident and positive. Highly recommended! Thank you Delphine!”


“I worked with Delphine during the last trimester of my pregnancy. I had to cope with emotional and physical challenges. The sessions with her helped me cope with these changes by fostering relaxation and recentering. The results really surprised me. I experienced less fear about childbirth. All the tips and techniques she shared with me were very helpful during labour and for sure contributed to decrease the intensity of physical pain. Also, I had sleep disruption during the last weeks of my pregnancy and after learning how to quickly relax, I undoubtedly experienced a better quality of sleep. If you are pregnant, I highly recommend Delphine: don’t focus on your body only, also focus on your mind for a smooth birth!”


“I contacted Delphine during my pregnancy, as I needed some time for myself to focus and relax. I also chose Sophrology to prepare for the delivery. Each session was focused on a particular goal that was decided according to my needs: relaxing, focusing on the baby and ultimately learning how to deal with labour.

I really enjoyed that special moment just for myself that allowed me to stay at peace throughout my pregnancy while getting ready for the big day. The breathing techniques were extremely useful during my pre-labour that lasted quite a long time.

Delphine was very attentive and was able to perfectly identify my needs from one session to another. We covered all the necessary aspects (pregnancy, delivery, postpartum), so it was extremely complete. Today, I continue to apply the techniques that I learnt during my sessions and it really helps in my day-to-day life.”


“I started sophrology more than a year ago and it was a real revelation to me. I still regularly practise it today. Thanks to Delphine’s kindness and her ability to listen carefully, it was very easy for me to feel confident and talk to her. What I really appreciate is the fact that I never feel judged, I feel she’s interested in each subject that I address, and she offers the best guidance possible to help me deal with my personal issues.

Sophrology helped me a lot at different times. First, when I was feeling down, and then to rebuild a healthier life balance. I also learnt how to sleep well again. Thanks to some techniques that are accessible to all, I manage to fall asleep more easily and more quickly now. I banned some bad habits, and I rediscovered the pleasure of having restful nights and waking up fresh in the morning to go to work.

At the moment, the sessions also allow me to work on deeper subjects such as self-confidence. Sophrology is my bubble of oxygen, my “decompression chamber”; I arrive like a wool ball full of knots (with a migraine, heavy legs and back pain), and I come out calm and relaxed, as if I was floating on a cloud.”


As a very sensitive person, I tend to feel overwhelmed by my emotions, to ask myself far too many questions and put a lot of pressure on myself. A few months ago I experienced a period of great changes at all levels: personal, professional and family-related… I felt the need to express my feelings. I know that I react quite well when I work both on my body and my mind, so a friend recommended me Delphine for some Sophrology sessions. I jumped in and I don’t regret it at all! Delphine is very caring, calm and friendly. From the very first appointment, I felt listened to and confident. Throughout our sessions, I realize that I take the hazards of life with more distance and serenity. After each session, I feel more relaxed and more focused to take things one by one, and little by little, regain self-confidence. Delphine really supports me in the management of my emotions, our sessions are very beneficial and positive for me.