Perinatal Period

The perinatal period refers to all the phases going from the desire to have a child to the postpartum, including the conception, the pregnancy and the birth.

This decision to give life brings a new meaning to one’s own life and to the couple’s. Sometimes, the desire to become a parent doesn’t necessarily come true right away, and waiting can generate frustration, anxiety and a feeling of helplessness. Some couples have no choice but to go through IVF (In Vitro Fertilization, amongst other medical techniques) in a very much medicalized atmosphere where they undergo very demanding and heavy fertility treatments. Sophrology helps the women following these specialized treatments to relax and to take control of their body again. They feel more peaceful and better prepared to go through the different stages leading to a possible pregnancy.

Pregnancy causes both significant physiological and physical changes as well as strong emotional and psychological disruptions (fear of miscarriage or losing the baby, fear of not being a good mother, anxiety about childbirth’s pain…). Sophrology is a precious tool to feel better prepared for this initiatory and crucial event in a woman’s life. It helps:

let go of the tensions and stress, and feel calm

regain confidence in oneself and in life

accept one’s changing body and integrate these changes

better manage physiological disorders (nausea, vomiting at the beginning of pregnancy, back pain, shortness of breath…)

better manage the pain caused by the contractions and experience natural childbirth or a C-section in a calm way

feel prepared to welcome one’s baby

feel prepared to breastfeed

get back in shape and regain vitality

find one’s place in one’s different roles and status (woman, mother…)

I offer to accompany you every step of the way so that you can actively live this moment, as a full actress of your life.

NB: Sophrology sessions cannot replace the childbirth preparation given out by the midwife, but are complementary to it.