Sophrology was founded in 1960 by Alfonso Caycedo, a Columbian neuropsychiatrist, and draws its etymological roots from ancient Greek:

SOS: harmony  /  PHREN: consciousness, spirit  /  LOGOS: study

It is the study of harmonious consciousness. It was inspired by Western relaxation techniques (Schultz and Jacobson), and Oriental practices such as yoga, Tibetan Buddhism and Japanese Zen.

It is a method which is first of all based on the body, for many pains or symptoms that are considered as being of psychological origin go through and are inscribed in the body.

Thanks to a set of different techniques, including breathing, we become more and more relaxed, which opens the door to mental relaxation. This focusing on the body allows a better listening of our own sensations and an awareness of our personal space and inner world. While observing what is happening inside of us, we can expand our consciousness and open ourselves to other possibilities.

Sophrology teaches us how to let go and experience our body in a more conscious way. As a real pedagogy of life, it invites us to mobilize and reinforce our positive resources and abilities so that we can find or regain an inner balance and a better presence to ourselves.

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate your mind in the present moment.” (Buddha)
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