One-to-one sessions*:

Adult (60-75 min): 65 euros (incl. VAT)

Children / Teenagers (45 min): 55 euros (incl. VAT)

Visio-consultations (adult): 60 euros (incl. VAT)

*Home sessions are possible

Sophrology and Maternity Programme (private sessions of 60-75 min each):

In-person: 6 sessions for 360 euros, 8 sessions for 480 euros (incl. VAT)

Online: 6 sessions for 335 euros, 8 sessions for 445 euros (incl. VAT)

Sophrology and Fertility (5 private sessions):

In-person (5h30): 330 euros (incl. VAT)

Online (5h): 280 euros (incl. VAT)

Group sessions:

Thematic workshop or introductory session (60-75 min):

In-person: 17 euros per person (incl. VAT)

Online: 12 euros per person (incl. VAT)

Outdoors: 14 euros per person (incl.VAT)

Workshop and seminar for an institution or a company, please contact me to get an estimate.


Sessions led in English or French.

If you wish to cancel a session (one-to-one or group session), please let me know at least 24hrs in advance. Otherwise, the full amount of the session will be due. Thank you for your understanding!