“How can Sophrology help us release our stress?”

Migraines, back pain, muscular tensions, palpitations, fatigue, sleeping disorders, anxiety, panic attacks, concentration and memory issues… In this uncertain time of health crisis when fear and anxiety emerge, and when one has to juggle between family, work, home and all the other daily tasks, an excessive exposure to stress can quickly cause collateral damage, both physically and mentally. Our inner balance is disturbed.

Sophrology, with its adapted techniques, offers tools to restore this fragile balance and allow us to preserve it. It helps release tensions, reconnect with oneself and contact the body, and it also helps better manage one’s emotions and reinforce one’s inner resources.

So, if you need to breathe, release tensions, and get rid of negative thoughts and emotions that pollute your inner self, sign up for one of the workshops about stress management.

Information and registration on info@experiencesophro.com

Workshop in English:

  • Saturday February 5th, 09h30 – 10h30
  • Wednesday February 16th, 10h30 – 11h30

Workshop in French :

  • Friday January 21st, 10h30 – 11h30
  • Saturday February 12th, 09h30 – 10h30

Availability : 3 to 6 participants max. per workshop, for better support.

Price : Online, 10€ per person. Outdoors, 12€ per person (incl. VAT).

(You can find all the information about the registration process on the Workshop Schedule).